Courses for Young Learners



The Burlington School of English runs 4 exciting young learner programmes throughout the year, for students aged between 7 – 17 years old, in London.
Please choose below which season interests you the most to find out more about our exciting themed week programmes.


15th October - 9th November 2018 (1 - 4 weeks)


10th December - 21st December 2018 (Christmas Special 1 - 2 weeks) 31st December - 8th February 2019 (1- 6 weeks)


18th March - 26th April 2019 (1- 6 weeks)


10th June - 23rd August 2019 (1 - 11 weeks)



Along with its London young learners programme, the school is also excited to be back at Ardingly College,
West Sussex for another year having sold out in record time for summer 2017 placements.

Ardingly based in the West Sussex countryside, is one of the leading residential boarding schools in the United Kingdom.
Find out more about our Ardingly summer programmes below.


1st July - 12th August 2018 (1- 6 weeks)


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