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Timetable – English for Human Resources

  Timetable - English for Human Resources

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09:00 – 11:30 Vocabulary: Talent selection

Listening: A talk by an HR Consultant to a group of CEOs

Vocabulary: Diversity and equality

Reading: Case study: a multinational company with a multicultural workforce.

Vocabulary & Speaking: Appraisal and development; Reviewing performance; Setting goals and targets;

Grammar: The perfect aspect.

Vocabulary: Investigating a complaint; Disciplinary hearings; Dealing with grievances;

Speaking: Dealing with grievances

Vocabulary and Speaking: Building a strong HR brand; linking business and HR strategies

Listening: A presentation on a company’s HR brand.

11:45 – 12:30 Vocabulary: Job descriptions & job requirements Speaking: The advantages and disadvantages of hiring staff locally and from abroad. Listening: Excerpts from a series of appraisals. Listening: A disciplinary interview

Speaking: Discussing the outcome of a disciplinary interview.

Writing: Note forms for presentations.
13:00 – 13:45 Speaking: Discussing requirements with colleagues. Listening: A radio discussion about the “glass ceiling”. Reading: Three companies’ appraisal and development policies. Reading and Writing: A letter of complaint Reading: A magazine article on how branding is being used as a recruitment tool and to reinforce the position and prestige of companies.
14:00 – 16:30 Language: Types of jobs; Positions in a company; Personal qualities

Writing: A job advertisement; an application form

Language: Giving opinions; Qualifying opinions; Speculating and hypothesising.

Writing: A report on diversity in a workplace.

Grammar: Future forms

Role play: an appraisal

Writing: An appraisal review; A goal-setting report.

Language: Mediation and the language of invitation and concession.

Reading: A disciplinary policy;

Writing: A letter of resolution

Grammar: Active and Passive voice; Passive reporting structures.

Group discussion: developing the HR brand of a company.

Please note: This timetable is an example, and it may change according to the needs of students

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