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Our new price list includes new courses, accommodation and updated rates. Please click the link to view.

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English courses are designed to suit a variety of learning levels covering a range of disciplines.

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The Burlington School provides a range of accommodation options for students ranging from homestay families to halls of residence.
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  • Using Present Perfect Continuous Tense

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    Speaking in the correct tense is an essential part of communicating in English. Whether we are speaking to our friends or having more formal business communication, the tense we use can have a significant impact on the message we are trying to deliver. In today’s blog, we will be focusing … Continue reading

  • CV Writing Tips

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    Here at Burlington school, our students are always asking for help with their CVs. Therefore, we have decided to share a blog article on some best practices when constructing your CV and cover letter. These tips are helpful for both natives and none natives of the UK. Before you start … Continue reading

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