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Welcome to The Burlington School of English online test

The following questions will test your English skills.

  • Please try to answer all questions without using any additional resources or help.
  • You should allow at least 20 minutes to complete this test.
  • Good luck!

We will provide you with the results at the end of this test.
The results are also stored in our records for when you come to Burlington School.

1.When _____ you going home?
2._____ you think English is easy?
3.I _____ playing tennis when it started to rain.
4.How many exercises _____ you done so far?
5.Oxford United are a _____ football team than Manchester United.
6.I _____ realised she was your sister, sorry!
7._____ you like to go to the seaside this weekend?
8.Gary has _____ writing poetry ever since his parents died.
9. Paper _____ made from wood.
10. I want to know what happened, so please _____ me the truth.
11.If you go abroad, you _____ carry your passport with you.
12.Horace really _____ go to the dentist about his teeth, but he won't.
13. There _____ be heavy rain in the east of the country this afternoon.
14. I'm _____ to take a skiing holiday in France this winter.
15. I went _____ in London yesterday and bought lots of nice things.
16.If I _____ realised you were tired, I'd have slowed down.
17. After no-one bought tickets to the disco, we had to call it _____.
18. At university I had to put _____ with loud music from my next door neighbour every night.
19.I don't know where Bill is. He _____ have been here. Look, here's his note.
20._____ John calls soon, I'm going to call him.
21. It's time we _____, John.
22. If you _____ gone to bed so late last night, you wouldn't be so tired now.
23. If you want to come tonight, give me a call. If _____, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.
24. If _____ I hadn't crashed the car, I'd have some money now.
25.At no time _____ I suspect he was a thief.

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