Courses for Young Learners

London - springprogramme

18th March - 26th April 2019 (1- 6 weeks)

Course only


Start date


18th March – 26th April 2019




7 – 17 years old




Beginners (Pre-A1) to Advanced (C1)
Max class size 15




20 Lessons (15hrs)




Mon – Fri
9:00 - 12:00





Our London Standard Course is for groups and individuals who want to increase their opportunities in education by studying English in the exciting cosmopolitan city of London. Classes cover grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking. One lesson every day looks at British Culture, and includes project work.


If the student is in London with family, and they wish to visit the city together we are happy to offer only tuition, with no accommodation or social programme included (individual activities or excursions can be added if required). 


  • 15hrs General English/Exam Preparation

Themed Weeks


Science and WonderSpring Programme

Week 1 (17th March - 24th March 2019)

Do you know where the law of gravity was discovered?
Do you know what is the tallest building in the EU?
Do you know where the inventor of the world wide web was born?


Harry Potter (Wonder and Magic)Spring Programme

Week 2 (24th March - 31st March 2019)

Do you know that JK Rowling used to be an English Teacher?
Do you know where the inspiration for Hogwarts Dining Room is?
Do you know where the entrance to the Ministry of Magic is?


Music, Theatre and MoviesSpring Programme

Week 3 (31st March – 7th April 2019)

Do you know where The Beatles gave their last concert?
Do you know what is London’s longest-running play?
Do you know which disused tube stations are used for filming Hollywood movies?

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London - Our CitySpring Programme

Week 4 (7th April – 14th April 2019)

Do you know where the Great Fire of London started?
Do you know exactly what Big Ben is?
Do you know when the London Underground first opened?

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Kings and QueensSpring Programme

Week 5 (14th April – 21st April 2019)

Do you know how many wives King Henry VIII had?
Do you know who won the Wars of the Roses?
Do you know how many kings and queens England and Britain have had?

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Green livingSpring Programme

Week 6 (21st April – 28th April 2019)

Do you know your carbon footprint?
Do you know how to live without plastic?
Do you know which London station generates its electricity with its own solar panels?

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